It all starts with a dream!


As I started my build, I quickly learned there are sites for the donor type builds, but the ground-up build isn’t very well documented. I hope my experiences will help those building their dream.

As my build progressed, I became more and more dedicated to build as close to period correct as possible.
This site documents the steps I’ve gone through as I put together my Cobra kit – and then it goes further as I document those changes we all get caught up in once the car is being driven.
Bottom line: these things are never done. My latest mod: Weber 48IDA’s Real Eye Candy

Paul Proefrock

This build site was originally “” I thought an appropriate title to a car with three two barrel carburetors. But the addition of the Weber system kind of voided that.  By luck, I was able to grab a vanity plate that matched the website URL. I have transferred all the data on that original site to this one