Antifreeze & Brake Fluid

Pieces are beginning to come together. Installed cooling system and hydraulic reservoir system

Hydraulic Reservoirs
The original S/C cars came with Girling hydraulics, which incorporated  remote reservoirs, mounted on the engine compartment wall. The originals used two larger reservoirs for the brakes and one smaller for the clutch. Incorporating this into the build presents a number of challenges.

The taller reservoir cans were also used on the 3000 series Austin Healy’s. But those also are almost impossible to find. The smaller can is the same size as is commonly used for PVC solvent cans.  It is common place to use three smaller cans due to the scarcity of the taller can.. I just got lucky on eBay one day.

The cans were stripped of their decals and any paint, scuffed lightly then coated with a black epoxy paint. The paint is alledged to be brake fluid proof. Time will tell. The paint may obtained from

The bottoms use an AN fitting adapter #3 x 7/16-20. I used crush washers under the head to seal the joint.

To connect to the Wilwood cylinder caps, I found the port could be shortened and threaded to accept a AN fitting adapter. I then used #3 teflon-wire braid hose to connect them. The entire system became a little pricey but definitely more visually appealing. If cost becomes an issue, some have used the hose supplied with the Wilwood kit.

The Girling lids are available from  a number of sources; VictoriaBritish, Moss Motors or Pegasus Racing.Don’t forget to order the rubber gasket seals also. They are sold separately.

It takes some maneuvering to get the reservoirs in place, especially if you are using an FE with authentic throttle linkage and coolant hoses. They’ll fit but there isn’t much room. The mounting brackets I fabricated put the can as close to the sidepanel as possible. While doing this, you gain appreciation for how difficult it was (is) to fit a big block into the car.

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An original installation S/C installation Original Girling
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Girling short
My build


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