Hurrah and ugh. We’ve moved to the point of beginning the bodywork. Another milestone but it also puts me into the messiest part of the build. I don’t mind grease on my hands, but I really dislike Bondo dust on everything. Guess I better learn to like it. Plus as an added bonus, we’ve just moved into fall so I now much of my upcoming work will be in a less than ideal temperature. Going out today to purchase a heater.

As part of the build, I am holding true to my period correctness. That means minor modifications to the body.

  • The rear light area will get rounded to simulate the formed aluminum panels, not the sharp edges that the body comes molded in.
  • The original body did not have fairings for the front marker lights. These will be taken off
  • The body shape doesn’t correctly conform to the headlight buckets. This will be corrected
  • My production date was far enough along it included the lowered body panel and hidden mounting bolts.
  • I will incorporate front and rear quick jack mounting bar grommets
  • I’ve elected to remove the corner support gussets on the hood opening. They weren’t on the original cars.
  • I will incorporate the original style hood latch mechanism, foregoing the paddle style latch

A running list of the materials used on the bodywork. I’ll do my best to keep the quantities accurate

Processes & Problems
I have a passing knowledge of Bodywork and the materials involved. I am confident I have much to learn. And in the process, I am confident, there will be problems

Tweaking the body for a better replica

Panel Fitting
Rather than use a bunch of filler, I spent a few extra hours fitting hinges. Also a tip on aligning the panels

Edge Treatments

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Posted 11/08/2009 by Paul Proefrock in category "Body