Corner weights

Corner Weight – Vehicle Balance
As you study wheel alignment and vehicle handling, you pick up real quick, the value of proper corner weight. But how do you set that? I’ve found four different ways, that vary from expensive to DIY at home.

What the big guys use
If you’re a well funded NASCAR team or a serious track racer, you probably have a LongAcre computer scale set in your set-up trailer. We all can wish.

Bathroom scales
An enterprising Tuner figured out a way to use bathroom scales in conjunction with a platform. Using levers, he improvised a less expensive way to determine the corner weight. But still out of my range. The link has since disappeared so try a Google search on Ruggles Scales. You’ll get the idea

Hydraulic readout
This racer used a modified slave cylinder and pressure gauge to read out the weight when a vehicle was lifted, one corner at a time. Pure-ists will argue the weights are influenced by not measuring all four at the same time, they’re probably correct. But what difference does 1/2oz make in 600 lbs? Article

Local scales?
If you have a friend that runs the local grain elevator, CAT scales or similar operation, maybe he’ll let you pull one corner at a time onto the scale. If you have to pay for the time/service, there may be another way.

A recent article in the 2008 Cobra Guide shows a way to measure the tire footprint and air pressure and turn that into a value. Add all four and do the math and you have front end / rear end weight, corner weight, percentages. Maybe the accuracy is compromised slightly but if it’s within 5% that’s only 30 lbs per corner. Close enough for my purposes.  Weight calculation

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Posted 11/20/2008 by Paul Proefrock in category "Suspension