Footbox install and mod’s

Foot Box Drop Frame Mod
Cutting the drivers side footbox on an angle not only adds additional room for your left foot, it helps transition the carpet nicely to the sidewall. This seemed so minute but every inch counts when you are trying to get your feet into the footbox. Cut the top (1″) and inner side (2″) on a slight angle to accomodate a new piece of 10 ga. that will run on a diagonal. Box the ends closed with scrap and tack weld the diagonal filler. Add a piece of 1″ x 1″ x 1/8″ angle from the front of the box back to the mounting bracket for the cowl brace.

Like I said, looks like a lot of work for just an inch of clearance but it really makes a big difference

FootBox_Mod FootBox_Mod1

A recent trip to the Hurricane factory shows me they have incorporated this feature into the new build

Still working on fitting body tub and aluminum firewall. Laying out all items that mount to footbox and firewall so final polishing can be done before installing tub. Applied modification to footbox for more clearance

Received replacement spindles and mounted correct units. Hurricane handles a problem in spades.

If you are familiar with the history of the Hurricane body, you are aware the first few cars had the vent louvers too far to the rear. There is a notch-out in at the top outer edge of both foot boxes to clear this. Hurricane changed the location of the louver to make it in a more correct position. But they haven’t modified the foot boxes, the notch-outs still exist.

In my pursuit of as much foot box space as possible, I decided to remove the notches. Not a big deal – I cut them out with my handi-dandy spiral cutter then glass the corner back to reconstruct it.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. The foot box on the drivers side is 1″ deeper than the passenger side. You need to leave about a ¾” chamfer to clear the rear edge of the aluminum louver which is installed later. The pictures show the cut-out and modification of a modification I made to get enough clearance.

I had purchased the aluminum firewall kit and decided I would incorporate a little “patchwork” to cover my change, rather than make new main foot box covers. You’ll see in the pictures, I formed and bent a couple pieces about 3″ wide to cover the modified areas.


Before Mod


After Mod


New 3″ wide skin
over modified area


Pass. Side Vent


Driver Side
Note footbox and
opening position



Had to add 1″
Not pretty but
it gets better


Heatshield repaired
and re-glassed


Firewall with louver


Drivers Side

Note additional space
Not a lot but
every little bit helps

IMG_3560Pass. Side Inside_Shot