The Hardest Part

I’ve been asked numerous times, what I felt was the hardest part about building a car. Undoubtedly, the most difficult part of building a replica car is selecting the color. I’ve always driven red cars, but red is for Ferrari’s. Yellow – Corvette.  Blue? Almost every Cobra is Blue with White stripes – I don’t want to be like everyone else. (The original racing colors were to be white with blue, but Ole Shel’ had some issues with the establishment, so he chose blue with white)


Racing Beat Miata
Racing Beat Miata

My wife has always preferred white cars, she drove a white Miata. Without her, this project would have never been possible. I had always admired the Racing Beat Miata  . My choice was made: White with Red/Blue stripes. The initial pages of this website included a retouched photo with this selection.

 But with the Cobra sitting next to the Miata, the proportions are entirely different, even though both are 90” wheelbase. The red/white stripes just didn’t fit right.


One day I say a photo of a 66’ GT350, White w/ Blue but this one had a bright red pit stripe on the left fender. (sometimes erroneously referred to as “rookie stripes”, they served to identify which car of a multi-car team was coming into the pit)

The die was cast. My final choice was 2009 Ford Performance White (HP) with 1996 Ford Royal Blue Metallic (KM) stripes and 1999 Ford Performance Red (ES) pit stripes.

Grinning owner

Like everyone else? There aren’t many white cobras. Of the original 343 CSX3000 series, there were only 24 white.

But it doesn't end here !

I have always had an affinity towards red cars. I loved the Red/White/Blue scheme, but at a car show, I ran into a Saleen Mustang painted “LizStick Red”. WOW!

Chip Saleen’s wife is named Elizabeth, and an earlier color for his cars was a proprietary Candy Apple red he named after her, thus; LizStick

I tried to obtain the color code to duplicate this paint but to no avail. Oh, well, tuck it away in the deep recesses of my brain.

While working on my second build and trying to pick a color for it, this popped up again. Ten years after my first build, we now have a little gimmick called ‘social media’. I posted a note on the Saleen FaceBook group and got a hit. Thru a very lucky connection, I learned the formula for the paint. An owner of a Saleen LizStick red car needed body repair and didn’t want to pay the price they wanted for paint. He was able to have his paint supplier duplicate the color and shared the formula. Is it exact – I don’t know. Is it stunning – every much so as the true color.

Once color sanded and finished, the color is just stunning. It is amazing, the number of comments I get on the brilliant color and the ghost stripes

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