Paint is the badge by which your build is judged.  With this in mind, I had painted vehicles before, but I wasn’t about to gamble my project. I don’t have the facilities for a quality final paint job. When you consider the actual paint costs, the cost of the labor for the paintjob was really reasonable.

As detailed on the bodywork page, I chose to do the rough bodywork and fitting of the panels.  I took the car to my painter on Jan 6th and figured I had “done good” when he commented how well I had done.

I chose to use a local source, Murrill Feldman of Washington, MO. My car was the 32 cobra kit painted by Murrill. I think he’s figured out the tricks. Murrill is known to mis-calculate the time it will take. He figured with the time necessary to finish-flatten any spots, he’d be done around March 6th. Works for me. But when you add some of his personal issues with the mis-calc on time, March 6th turned into April 18th. Not bad, only 43 days behind schedule.


checking it out Loaded trailer Body
Verify she’ll run and load to the trailer Dis-assembled and ready to deliver to painter As delivered, ready for his touch.
Color applied Front view Body install
Out of the booth, ready for color sanding Full Frontal Exposure Body back to the frame
Grinning owner Driver in car Door tattoo
Wife says the grin was ear to ear Wanna ride? My buddy Tim volunteered his help and trailer.
I said thanks by “tattooing” the tailgate. Looks like the limited slip is working

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Posted 04/28/2010 by Paul Proefrock in category "Body