Sway Bar

Sway bar

Installed front suspension, modifying lower A Arm to mount sway bar.

The Hurricane kit does not include a sway bar in the build, relying on the coil-overs to manage body roll. They do a spectacular job but for additional handling, I decided to add a  swaybar. I wanted a bar that would not require welding the lower arm. My welding isn’t bad but don’t have the confidence in it yet to be welding on the suspension components.

The width of the frame rails dictated the distance between the arms. The distance between the coil-over mounts dictate the distance between eyes. I learned a Miata bar is the correct eye spacing, the Mazda B210 truck bar is the correct inner bend spacing. The good people at Addco came up with bar number xxxxx. The pictures show it all. It fits perfectly. To mount the bar, all that was necessary was to open the coil-over connection area to accept the rod ends and drill the frame for the mounting brackets.

Control arm Shock attachment control arm link Sway bar

The rod ends are Bilstien part number xxxxx. The links are Energy Suspension 9.8122, modified to fit the rod ends.

Don’t forget to grease the bushings. This is a prime area for squeaks and rattles.

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Posted 07/20/2007 by Paul Proefrock in category "Body", "Build Details", "Mod's