Wiring begins

Mounted Haywire fusebox and begin wiring process. Created wiring diagram of Haywire unit and began wiring diagram.

The Hurricane kit comes with a wiring harness built by Haywire, Inc. The package includes a set of instructions that are used in conjunction with the Hurricane manual. NO WIRING DIAGRAM    I like to work with a diagram, kind of as a map so have started the process of generating one. The diagram is a work in progress and not ready to be published yet. It will get there.

The Haywire unit includes a fuse/relay box as kind of the brains of the system. To use this in my diagram, it was necessary to trace the wires and components since it was delivered without a diagram. Conversations with the company reveals they prefer not to supply diagrams since so many are field modified.

This is a PDF of the unit, with wiring. Use it at your own discretion. If you find an error, I would appreciate learning of it. Click on image to open PDF file

Haywire Box


I chose to build my car with the switches appearing to be period correct. On the outside, they look like they did in 1965. On the inside, I know the history/reputation of Lucas electrical components – I used relays on every circuit so the switches weren’t subject to high amperage loads.  No one will ever see under the dash. I also added a 6 bay fuse socket for the additional accessories added to the build.

I’ve included a copy of the wiring diagram developed for my car. Someday I’ll complete this. To those building, remember as easy as it is to access behind the dash with the body off, you will only be able to get there when you’re done by laying on your back, half in and half out of the car. Try it and make sure you can access the wiring connectors. You’ll be glad you did


This pdf is 30″ x 36″ and can be printed at most any Kinko’s. Use it at your own risk. I haven’t debugged it yet – and you’ll notice it isn’t completed either

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