TKO600 transmission


I chose the TKO 600 transmission to handle the torque generated by my motor. Installing to a FE, you have two options on the input shaft

  1. Order the standard TKO and purchase a 3/4″ thick spacer plate to mount between the transmission and bell housing. Lakewood makes one of these.
  2. Order a short input shaft version of the transmission and fore-go the spacer plate.

I felt the fewer pieces the better so purchased the short shaft version.

I also intended to take my car on longer (4+ hours) road trips so opted for the .64 ratio over-drive. I have a 3.50:1 rear end ratio with 15″ tires. That should put my cruise speed RPM somewhere around 2300. Time will tell if this works well or not. There are differing opinions on this combination

If you have need of the parts or service manual for the TKO

TKO_Cutsheet TKO_Parts_Manual TKO_Service_Manual

 Link to the TTC website, manufacturer of the TKO