Cam & Valvetrain

I prefer an engine be reliable and street-able. When you start chasing ultimate horsepower, there is a price for that and often, that price is short-life. 

Build 1

I chose a mild Crane Cams #349521 (222/228) bumpstick with hydraulic roller-lifters and Erson roller rocker system. If there was a fault with this choice, it may have been a touch too mild. it performed well and was a good match to the .64Overdrive. Plenty of low end torque.

Build 2

I obtained a special grind cam from Lumpy Loughary (Performance Motorsports) with just a little more uuummph. 230/236 it has just a little more gitty-up. 

Erson is no longer producing the roller rockers so his suggestion was a set of PRW roller rockers. He has had good luck with the brand and the specs of the motor are well within their capabilities.

In both instances, the hydraulic lifters were the Morel brand.