Poor Man’s 427

There are a number of ways to come up with a 427 FE. If you have mega-bucks, you can buy a repro block from Genesis. Or if you have enough dollars, you might be able to score one on EBay.If you’re real lucky, you might score a FT block in a junkyard that passes sonic tests and allows boring to that magical number.

This is one man’s approach by using sleeves on a run of the mill FE block. I does help if you’re related to the machinist, sleeves don’t come cheap.

These articles are also very useful for general information on the assembly of a FE.


Block PrepMore Block InfoSleeves

Crank & Deck Info



RodsMore Rod InfoPistons

Setting Pistons



Wes Adams is the force behind the Poor Mans 427. His info on this project is posted on the FordFE forum. Thanks to him for all his work and information.