Firewall/Tunnel Mods

Sorry, been a little remiss in keeping my progress reports up-to-date. I’ve incorporated a number of modifications to my Gen II Hurricane build, mostly to make it even more period correct. 

Looking at the originals and the ERA builds, I liked the removeable transmission tunnel. The Hurricane comes with a removeable ‘X’ frame for transmission service, but even so, it still isn’t the easiest chore. This makes for a little more access:


Transmission Tunnel & Dash

The dash shown is the Street layout, wanted to validate my use of the glovebox. (S/C’s didn’t have a glovebox). Layout was taken from a local original CSX street car.

Makes access just a little easier

Looking on the other side, I incorporated the angled firewall of the originals, footboxes angled and sized to the originals. Firewall is prepped for the original electrical items to be installed later.


Business side of firewall

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Posted 05/25/2019 by Paul Proefrock in category "Build Details", "Mod's