The Over-Riders bolt up to the quickjack mounts with the same  bolt spacing, but the back of the overrider is angle and the back of the quickjack is straight up and down. Takes a little tweaking of the mounting hardware to get all the pieces to line up. The angle of the back matches the angle of the nose opening.

If you plan to mount the chrome hoop, to get it to match the the overriders, the angle of the back MUST match the angle of the nose. Different bodies are on different angles and typically, none of them match the angle of the commonly found Factory Five hoop and over-riders.

Be prepared for a lot of ADULT words and beverages to get them to lineup properly. It can be done.

The overrider’s had a tapped hole in the plate which was perpendicular to the plate. When I lined up the angles, the bolt’s woudn’t come close to working. I cut tapered anchors and slotted the holes so the pieces could be assembled and tightened down.

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Posted 01/03/2022 by Paul Proefrock in category "Accessories", "Body