Choosing a vendor

Choosing a kit supplier

This is probably the 2nd hardest thing to do in building your dream. (First is selecting a color). It is wise to do a little belly button gazing and determine what you are trying to accomplish. Different kits are designed to fulfill different objectives.

Got lots of money, want as close to original as possible, like aluminum body. Kirkham is the only supplier to my knowledge, supplying an aluminum body. But be prepared to shell out $$$$

Got a wrecked Mustang in your family that you can get the motor and drivetrain from and on a very tight budget, FFR (Factory Five) is designed to be built primarily from a donor car. Take those parts and put into their kit. They also offer a spec racer, in case you plan to race your baby.

Looking for historical accuracy and completeness. ERA or Hurricane fit closer here.

Not into building but want a car, Superformance or Backdraft are built as a roller but the local dealer installs a motor & drivetrain before he delivers it to you. You plunk down your money and drive away with a big smile. and don’t forget Everett Morrison or Unique

But we’re still not done. There’s Shell Valley, B & B and a myriad of others. Some don’t have such a stellar reputation. Read the posts on Club Cobra, sort thru the hard feelings of the writer and determine what happened. Is this a place you want to spend your money?

Do your research, ask questions on Club Cobra, talk to others near you. Take some time and money and visit the manufacturing facility of the kit you think you want. If you are greeted with open arms, it indicates how they will deal with you in the future. Won’t let you into the premises? What’s that tell you?

All require substantial deposits. You should really have the warm fuzzies before you send that check.

When doing your research, beware of the “mine’s better than your’s” hype. Few will admit they made a mistake. And there are some real zealots out there who think anyone who buys something other than their brand is a fool. Find the fit that is right for you. Go where you are welcome.

After a number of years of researching and finally pulling the plug, I chose Hurricane Motorsports. And I would do it again. If you have any questions regarding my decision, feel free to contact me. I am always ready and willing to discuss my build.

On my links page, I’ve included a link to manufacturers that I looked at and considered in my decision process