Kit Info

Kit Info

As you begin your search as to which kit to purchase, a lot of factors come into play.

  • What kit seems to be favored, locally? I live in the Saint Louis area and Factory Five cars are very popular – but I had some problems with their body profile and donor concept.

  • What is your budget? There is a big spread from the Factory Five donor kits to a Kirkham aluminum body car.
  • How much building do you want to do? Do you enjoy the build process or do you just want to put gas in it and drive?
  • Where are you located, geographically, to the kit supplier? It costs good money to move a car cross country. And if you have a problem, it is comforting to know you can get in your car and drive to the manufacturers shop.
  • What type of final project are you looking for? Do you want to be period correct? Or are you more interested in building a Cobra look-alike that has all the current creature comforts?
  • What kind of press or comments are there out there about the supplier? I searched for negative comments on the supplier. No one wants to admit they should have bought another brand, until the problems become so severe they must take corrective action. If a manufacturer is going to be successful, he must be able to immediately handle any problem that arises. I found some very negative comments on more than one brand. Enough to rule some of them out the decision process.

With all that, my search led me to a decision between an ERA and a Hurricane. Hurricane got my business for a few reasons: The price was within my budget, the car is very accurate in its body lines, delivery lead times are reasonable, the plant is 4 hrs away from me and the company is overwhelmingly customer oriented.

When you review my site and comments, you may feel the car requires a far amount of modification. That is not true. A Hurricane kit will bolt together and become a very attractive, award winning vehicle, with no other outside requirements other than drive-train, wheels/tires and paint. The kit is extremely complete. But those that know me, know I enjoy the build process and tinkering. Around my house, the saying is “if it ain’t broke, it probably still needs fixing” The first thing I want to do is to take it apart, see how it works and then make it better.

The Hurricane kit will give you complete “NEW” vehicle (no donor problems) with which you can be as creative as you choose. This can be done with other kits also. I chose Hurricane. I am confident whichever kit you choose, you will be equally satisfied.