July 21

Fabricate remote oil adapter

Spent the day fabricating my own oil adapter plate for remote oil filter. Bolted up sway bar

Most FE motors used a horizontal oil filter and an adapter that angled up from its mounting location. This adapter fits the motor and the Hurricane frame, but it positions the oil filter outside the engine compartment and into the left wheel well. Not what I was looking for. I had decided to be period correct and had found a remote oil filter adapter and bracket that mounted as the originals. All that was needed was an adapter plate to connect the hoses to the block.

IMG_3517I thought I had solved this with an inexpensive adapter made by TransDapt. But when I installed the motor, I learned the lower oil outlet was right next to the frame and the hose and fitting couldn’t be installed. Time for plan “B”

Some have used the truck adapter oil filter bracket then added a sandwich type adapter to it. But this extends thru the wall of the engine compartment. Not the look I am after. (For those who don’t care about period correct, using this adapter puts the adapter into the drivers side wheel well)

IMG_3518Southern Automotive makes an adapter for their motors and some have had success using this. I don’t have a picture of it. Cost is around $60. For most, this is the most likely solution.



IMG_3519I chose to make my own adapter. A little bit of 1ΒΌ” tooling plate and a few hours at the drill press and milling machine and I had an adapter. Side exit hole comes from the oil pump. Front entrance hole is the return line from the filter and into the oil system. I also tapped into this line for the oil pressure gauge. Making the part is not complicated and I’ll be happy to supply a copy of my drawing to anyone requesting it.



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