Processes & Problems

Body Problems

The body I received was very high quality – on the outside. The inner edges left a lot to be desired. Two issues; 1) voids in gel coat and underlying glass had to be repaired to insure integrity of the finish and 2) I knew that people would be feeling the edge to determine the type of body. I could emulate aluminum but I could make it as close as possible.

The body openings, on the inside, looked as if they had been cut out with a dull pocket knife. In many areas, the glass laminate had separated and presented voids. The arrows point to some of the problems. I had placed a strip of blue tape to support the Kitty Hair I would add to repair the area.


Wheel Well Edge

This is a shot of the passenger side front inner wheel well lip. Looks like a wrinkled potato chip.









Voids in Glass

Voids in the glass. This is the lower body edge, just behind the exhaust opening on the Drivers side.