Door latches

Door Latches  ( or another dive into the modification pool)
The door latches that come with the Hurricane kit are duplicates of what was used on the original cars. But that’s where the replication ends. The latch handles/boxes are put on upside down, if you follow the instructions. And the male latch part mounting – it’s just plain sloppy. (Sorry, Mike and Rich, you could have done better here). Existing_Latch

Turning the handle right side up is no big deal. Just be aware the male latch protrudes thru the catch so you need some clearance under the box. A touch with a die grinder and all is well. I filled in the notch that was supplied and glassed over the surface of the new notch.

NOTE: some guys have commented about the quality of the latches. Be aware the little lever is DEAD-soft. If you pull it on an angle, IT WILL BEND (please, don’t ask how I know, but if careful, it can be straightened).

For mounting the striker, I thought I could just modify the strap iron, welding them to the frame hoop. I did this but then realized I just lost one plane of the adjustment I would need. IMG_4497I ended up cutting them off an building a mounting plate from 12ga. sheet. I formed a 3 x 5 sheet into a channel by applying heat and forming the legs in a vise with a hammer (Poor-man’s press brake). I then cut out the clearance notch and added four 1/4 x 3/4 slots for the mounting. I then welded these to the frame hoop. IMG_4506

All done, I was very pleased with the new appearance. (Sorry, the picture doesn’t do the bracket justice. I’ll repost a different picture after I clean up and paint.