If you had it to do over . . .

It’s rare that you get a do-over. After driving HM1078 for over 8 years, I still had the hankering to do another build. A little bit of work, some great support and guess what – I get to do it again!

Working with Hurricane Motorsports, I have an opportunity to build the test mule for their new 2015 based IRS.

• Time to incorporate all those little things I wished I’d done different

• A chance to add those little things to make it even more period correct

My plan was to build basically the same car with a few alterations. Having owned one, you learn a few items:

  • Of course, the engine was to be another FE, but this time, going full tilt – for the Side Oiler. I’ve  been very fortunate in finding a Shelby aluminum block that was looking for a new home. It has never been assembled.
  • I’ve been very pleased with the Borla EightStack system and the Performance Electronics injection system, so that will be done again.
  • The Gen II Hurricane build incorporates a number of period correct items, but there are a few others I want to include, primarily to replicate the engine compartment even more.
  • Of course, I never accept things the way they are, I have my own ideas. Larger fuel tank, easier alignment, easier maintenance and reliability.

No longer burdened with an 8-5 grind, I’m able to tackle this in a way most would envy. Let the fun begin. On June 29, 2018, I picked up HM-2023 in Lake City and moved her to her new home.

Thanks to the members of Gateway Cobra Club for their help in unloading.

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Posted 07/03/2018 by Paul Proefrock in category "Build Details