Rollbar Strut

The rollbar has a third leg that extends into the trunk, attaching to a frame point to provide triangulation strength. The originals had an adapter socket that bolted to the rear framework.

The Hurricane Motorsports design has a tube welded to the rear frame extension that the strut slides over. It must slide down far enough to let the main rollbar pass by when it is install. The strut is then slid back up and the retainer bolt installed. All smooth and thought out, except on the trunk side.  Their original design relied on the three legged triangle to hold all the pieces in place. No bolts were used to retain the mounts. Just didn’t seem right to me.

Adding bolts on the front legs was pretty simple put the bars in place, cross drill and ad the bolts. Drilling the trunk leg was equally simple, except it left a pretty crude connection and pieces where all this came together.

Using some 1-1/2″ exhaust tubing and some sheet, I fabricated a fairing to simulate the original design and clean up the connection of all the pieces Hopefully, the pictures are self-explanatory.

If you’re building a Hurricane cobra, you’ll see the aesthetics of the joint aren’t the best and this cleans it up. If you’re building another brand, it won’t mean anything to you.


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Posted 06/28/2021 by Paul Proefrock in category "Build Details", "Mod's