Time for Color

Always amazed at how much a little bodywork makes. She’s as flat as possible (How does a curved car get flat?) Time to start applying color

A few of my own touches:

  • Eyebrows adjusted to match headlight rim diameter
  • All cockpit edges rolled 100%, including drops to door latch
  • Rear ’round taillight’ area removed for proper fit of rectangular tail lights
  • Full perimeter exhaust outlet.
  • All wheel arches rolled to simulate aluminum wired edge.
  • Oil Cooler lines reworked to align to front end
  • Wiper holes and defogger holes 
  • Tee nuts installed for hood stops and defogger trim
  • Front and rear quickjack holes configured for ‘sliding’ fit.
  • Drain hole added to fuel cap recess
  • Period-correct hood latches added

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Posted 03/22/2021 by Paul Proefrock in category "Body", "Build_Images