AC Pedals onto Wilwood arms

Posted info on pedal modification to fit AC style pedals onto Wilwood clutch/brake assembly.

The Hurricane kit comes with Wilwood brake and clutch pedals. One of the first mod’s everyone goes to is to incorporate the AC pedal into your car. Just makes it look better.

Pedals purchased from Finishline Accessories come “un-machined” on the back boss. It is approximately 3/4″ thick. I mounted mine by machining a 3/16″ slot thru this boss, cutting the pedal arms on the Wilwood assembly to make a lever end, then cross-drilled for a 1/4″ bolt and nut. Hopefully the pictures will show how it was done

IMG_3629 Pedal_Rear_View_Angle Rear_View_Closer

When I cut the pedal, I only cut off the sides of the pedal. The upper part is the same width as the Wilwood lever arm, about 1/2″. Where it necks down to the web of the arm, I then cut this to the web thickness, about 3/16″. The very top and bottom edges of the pedal are still in place and serve to limit travel of the new pedal casting. Sorry, I didn’t take a picture before assemblying. If you can picture it, looking at the face of the Wilwood pedal after cutting it up; it looks kind of “T” shaped with the upper crossbar very thick.

After drilling and bolting together, I used silver colored silicon to fill the void between the pedal and the arm. This holds the pedal at the same angle all the time yet makes it somewhat resilient. Let the silicon cure at least 48 hrs before trying to test it.or you run the risk of it squishing out. (ask me how I know)

I used a longer crossbolt then cut the extra threads off so the bearing part of the bolt thru the pedal was the part of the bolt that didn’t have any threads. I wanted the maximum bearing contact area.

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Posted 02/28/2008 by Paul Proefrock in category "Body", "Build Details", "Interior", "Mod's