Fuel filler

Winter is here! find projects in the shop where it’s warm. Worked on the fuel filler cap and refined fill system

The Hurricane kit comes with a quick fill type cap that gets installed inside the flip-top fuel cap.  Some have reported filling problems with these. The mounting system leaves a little to be desired.

Chris Doss (HM1043) modified his car by using a filler adapter from Finishline. Unfortunately, the threads on it don’t match the threads on our caps. He ended up having the adapter machined to press into the existing mounting base. It helps to be able to learn from others. Knowing it would take machining anyway, I just bought a chunk of aluminum and machined my own adapter. I included a threaded hole for mounting a grounding lug.

Trigo_Instructions IMG_4465With the adapter done, I used a trick I learned when putting the front suspension together. I put the adapter into the freezer to shrink it, and the fuel cap base into the oven and heated to 250 degrees. After a few hours, I removed them, slathered on some JB Weld and slipped the two together. They just did fit so the JB Weld ended up everywhere but I know when all equalized and the epoxy set, these two were never coming apart.