Foot Box Vents

Everyone warns you of the temperatures of the footbox. We’ve done roadtrips in our Miata and know how warm it can become – and it’s only four cylinders.

I fabricated vent valves to resemble the original units. Unfortunately, after I completed them, I realized the footbox on a Hurricane kit is about 6″ taller than the original cars, required by the overhead brake pedals. Time to make set #2.

Local owners recommend the use of blowers to assist in moving air. These were purchased from the local BassPro superstore. I welded a couple brackets to the cowl frame. I didn’t want to mount them on the engine compartment sheetmetal. Noise can be an issue and this would give a much sturdier mounting.

Many builders connect the airducts to the vent openings on the front of the car. Not Original, Grasshopper. I used Aeroduct flange fittings (3″) to connect the duct to the sideway of the nose cowl aluminum. The airducts on the front of the car will be used for their original purpose, brake cooling.

I sandwiched a piece of screen wire between the aluminum cowl and the duct flange. Hopefully, it will keep a wayward bee or hornet from flying thru and into the footbox.

CSX3056_Vent IMG_3068 IMG_3837 IMG_3836
Original Fabricated
Original Ducting

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Posted 02/09/2009 by Paul Proefrock in category "Interior", "Mod's