Time & Space Requirements

How long and do I need a shop?

I know people who have assembled a kit in as short as four months while working a normal 8-5 job. It can be done. My build took me three years to complete but I took my time and made a lot of modifications along the way. I was working a normal job and rarely did I work on the car except on the weekends. I didn’t keep track but I estimate around 2,000 hours.

As far as space, I did it in one half of a two car garage. With rare exception, my wife parked her car on her side every night. I know many builders who have done the same. Yea, it’s great to have a full shop with extra bays, but it isn’t needed.

Plan on a little extra storage space. While working on the frame, you’ll need to store the body somewhere. Many use a “Body Buck” and store the body outside till it’s needed. I used a buck and rolled it in and out of the garage depending on what I was doing.