December 21



Mod’s My car included the revised lower body panel, relocated roll bar, relocated louvers and rear wheel well depression, all changes in design by Hurricane to improve the kit. I have added these

NOTE: The Hurricane kit builds perfectly fine on its own. I just like the idea, “If it ain’t broke, it probably still needs fixing” I love to tinker and improve everything. If I found a way to make my kit better, I jumped on it.

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Trunk Latch FootBox Size Side Vent / Footbox Fuel Tank Vent
eBrake Throttle Pedal and Linkage Turn Signals Brake/Clutch Pedals
Bump Steer Door Latches and Striker Fuel filler cap Fuel Tank Mod


As I contemplated the next build, there were a number of ‘more period correct’ mod’s I wish I had done. Not being happy to leave well enough alone, I incorporated (or improved) on the HM1078 mods and then added a few

Trunk LatchFootBox ShapeSide Vent / FootboxFuel Tank Vent
eBrakeThrottle Pedal and LinkageTurn SignalsBrake/Clutch Pedals
Hood Frame ModDoor Latches and StrikerFuel filler capFuel Tank Mod